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ggaluschak's Journal

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I’m a writer. I’ve been published in places like Alienskin and 365Tomorrows. Recently I made my first professional sale to Strange Horizons, a short story called “Middle Aged Weirdo in a Cadillac.”

This isn’t my first online venture. I wrote a blog, called Encephalo Ray, which was mostly about comics. That’s because at the time I read tons of comics and had many deep thoughts about The Sentry and Iron Man. The highlight of my blogging career was when Paul Cornell, author of the sadly cancelled series “Captain Britain and MI-13,” linked to an article I wrote, "Which member of MI-13 would be the best at Twitter?"

Other personal favorites include "Is Godzilla Male or Female" and "Bring back the Martian Manhunter with the classic head (which DC did)." I stopped doing Encephalo Ray for three reasons: 1) it took up a lot of time; 2) I wasn’t getting paid; 3) nobody cared. I’ll probably post some comics stuff here, also.

I live in Northern New Jersey.